SU- MBA6010 Final Project Information 1 week 2 (just use reference)

Assignment 3: Final Project
Assume that MNQ Company is looking to undertake a new project. The cash
flows and applicable discount rate are provided in the third tab of
SU_MBA6010_Final_Project_Information.xls in the Doc Sharing area.
Calculate the IRR, NPV, MIRR, and payback period of the project.
The company has a three-year payback cutoff period for projects.
Determine if it makes financial sense for the company to undertake the
project. Justify your decision.
Submit your answers in a 5- to 7-page Microsoft Word document and your
calculations in a Microsoft Excel sheet.
Please do perform all the calculations needed for this project in excel
document and also the project needs to be done in a word document as
specified by the instructions in the assignment, so we need two
documents for this assignment
MNQ Company's New Project's Estimated Cash Flows   
Time 0    -$35.000
Time 1    $500
Time 2    $1.500
Time 3    $3.500
Time 4    $6.000
Time 5    $10.000
Time 6    $14.000
Time 7    $24.000
Assumed Discount Rate = 10%   

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