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uShip - Heavy Transportation Open Market

uShip Mobile
uShip Mobile is a Heavy Transportation Open Market help direct connect Shippers - The package owner and Carriers - Individual or Company who have containers, trucks etc... with transportation service.

uShip Mobile System have 3 parts:
- 1 Mobile app for Shippers to place and manage orders
- 1 Mobile app for Carriers to bidding, receive and manage orders.
- 1 Admin system, to overall control the details.
and 1 behind scene group of Firebase Functions to keep system working safe and smoothly.

uShip Mobile avaiable in two major mobile system Android and iOS. You can easy update color styles, logo to make your own new one.

uShip Mobile have nice and friendly UI help Shippers and Carriers system to working with. It also supports nice animation too in very attractive style.

uShip Mobile concentrated to solve quick and reliable system through using Google Firebase as a Backend Database with all advantage of Firebase Security Rules.

uShip Mobile also supports Push Notification in Android and iOS that help Shippers and Carriers interact together to create a new order to close a deal. And you will have 1M push messages free per month from your new Firebase account.

uShip Mobile use Facebook AccountKit Authentication system to authorize use with their Phone number. And you will have 100K authentication SMS per month on Facebook.

uShip Mobile go with the Multi-Language module to help you easily customize it for your local and target market in a record time.

uShip Server integrated with SendGrid to send necessary billing information for each order.

Open your business overseas with the support of Multi-Currencies in the uShip Mobile system.

More information see our uShip Brochure for more details:

All ready for your new business. Feel free to test before you



- To test all demo please register with your real email, and you will receive a confirmation email like that to get billing details.

- Full ionic2 source code for uShip & uShip Carriers (you may compile it to any platform, as you wish + change the source)
- Full Firebase Functions source code for server processing
- Full Angular2 Admin website source code (can deploy to Firebase Hosting)
- User guide (how to setup firebase, push notifications, etc)
- Life full maintain & upgrade

- 06th Mar 2018: update uShip & uShip Carriers Mobile demo Debit/Credit Card payment
- 24th Feb 2018: update uShip & uShip Carriers Mobile iOS Apps
- 18th Feb 2018: improve signup processing, add payment demo with confirmed email
- 13th Feb 2018: Publish (Ionic v3, Firebase 5.0)

If you have questions please feel free to contact us through email: quanganh[@] We open incorporate into your business to find a good way and share the revenue.

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