183 : Miss Iris and the Beetle disaster

Miss Iris has to go to an important appointment.
She wears a total black outfit: black dress, black boots.

She is not late, but she still wants to be there on time. Plus she has to drive the old Beetle, and she knows that sometimes is a bit temperamental!

So when the car doesn't start at the first time, she quickly understands it will not be an easy trip!
She starts pumping with her boots the gas, to see if in some ways she can get it started.

After a lot of attempts, she realizes that it will be hard, and she starts pleading the car to not be so temperamental but to start up straight away, because the time is running out!

The car sometimes starts, and the engine roars back to life, but after a few seconds every roaring noise stops and the surrounding gets silent again!

When she gets finally the car started, she rushes to the public fountain to put some water in a bucket to clean the car before the big appointment! But after the cleaning is done, the car refuses to start again!

She tries in every possible way to start it up, but the engine doesn't want to run at all!

Is the bug scared of water? Or it just doesn't want to let her go to the appointment? 
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