HSC English Essay - Module A - Pride and Prejudice / Letters to Alice on First Reading Jane Austen

How has exploring the connections between Austen and Weldon enhanced your understanding of the texts’ values and contexts?

Sample: ………The postmodernist context presents a more liberal perception of marriage and the autonomy of women, in comparison with the financial connotations of marriage in the 19th century. Feminism and postmodernism seek to displace the dominant ideologies of patriarchy and Enlightenment philosophy respectively, subverting social expectations and pitting the individual against society. In LTA , Weldon affirms a shift in attitude from the absolute need of matrimony for women. In contrast with Austen, Weldon denigrates the importance of marriage by juxtaposing “the stuff of our women’s magazines … the stuff of their life”. The change towards a contemporary attitude reflects a society where marriage is relegated to a trivial obligation, denoted by the connotations of “stuff” ……..
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