MTH 233 Week 5 DQs

MTH 233 All Weeks DQs :

MTH 233 Week 5 DQ 1
 1. Find a YouTube video (informative, funny, appropriate) that you can relate to this class.  Comment on why you picked the video that you posted.
MTH 233 Week 5 DQ 2
2. Find an article on correlation and answer the following questions:
What are the two variables being studied?
Did the article include a scatterplot?
Does the association appear to be linear or curved?
Would you say that the correlation is weak or strong?
Was the correlation coefficient included?
Could you make a prediction based on the data?
Please cite your article.
MTH 233 Week 5 DQ 3
3.       In this week’s reading from chapter 10, linear correlation, we compare two different variables to look for a positive, negative, or possibly no correlation.  What two variables might you want to compare?  What data can you find on the Internet about these two variables? Please include the website in which you found your data.
MTH 233 Week 5 DQ 4
4.   If the scatterplot of two variables yields points that make a perfect straight line (either positive or negative), they are said to have “perfect linear correlation”- the correlation coefficient is either r = 1, or r = -1.  Can you think of two variables that have perfect linear correlation?  Can you think of two variables that have absolutely no linear correlation at all- a linear correlation r = 0?
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