Giant Master Parker and your 3 Days in His Kingdom

New Giant Master Parker. Testing the waters as a giant jock god in this 8:00 minute clip featuring various vignettes. The synopsis?

Day 1: You are discovered by a mean, nasty giant master Parker who wants to crush you and torment you. He knocks you out with his feet and almost steps on you. He blows smoke in your face and taunts you with the cigarettes he is smoking as you suffocate.

Day 2: You awaken to the master giant doing some foot stretches and then he stands up and teases you more with his giant feet domineering and towering over you. Stomping down on you and bringing you inches away from the end.

Day 3: Master Parker is home from a baseball game and smoking in your face again. This time he means business and he's talking about how hungry he is constantly. You have a bad feeling about this. He continues to torment you with his big masculine feet, and eventually brings you into the kitchen, but at the last moment you fall to the ground and, well, get stepped on.

Extremely hot, very excited about the new addition. 3 different scenes. Black socks, bare feet, smoking cigarettes, blowing smoke in face, macrophilia, giants, tormenting, feet, foot show, foot god, vore, giant. This dominant Jock is VERY verbal.
25 years old; 5'9" and feet at a whopping 11US (huge for his height)
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