a rectangle class and a driver program.

Program 1

In this assignment you will write a
rectangle class and a driver program. 

You are supplied with a skeleton of the
rectangle class, and you are expected to add code to the skeleton to fulfill
the requirements as specified in the comments of the skeleton.  (Note: the skeleton source code file does not
compile as distributed, it is missing statements that you must add in order to

Next you will write a driver program in a
separate file which includes the following (be sure to do exactly what is
requested in the way it is requested):

1.       A main method

2.       Create an object of Rectangle called "box" using the
constructor that includes two arguments, length and width, setting the length
and width to 5 and 15

3.       Print the rectangle’s width and length. Use the methods getLength
and getWidth to access these two values

4.       Print the rectangle’s area

5.       Print the rectangle’s perimeter

6.       Print the object, which will invoke the toString method

7.       Change the rectangle's width to 20 and length to 5 using the set

8.       Print the object to verify that the changes took effect


Program 2

In one file create an Employee class as per
the following specifications:

1.       three private instance variables: 
name (String), startingSalary (int), yearlyIncrement (int)

a single constructor with three
arguments: the name, the starting 
salary, and the yearly increment. In the constructor, initialize the
instance variables with the provided values.

get and set methods for each of
the instance variables.

4.       A computation method, computeCurrentSalary, that takes the number of
years in service as its argument. The method returns the current salary using
the calculation:  startingSalary + years
* yearlyIncrement


In a separate file, create a driver as


In the main method, create two
Employee objects:  Alice with a starting
salary of 50000 and a yearly increment of 1000 and Bob with a starting salary
of 40000 and a yearly increment of 2500. Write a loop to display the current
salaries of the two employees at the end of years 1 through 10. A sample output
is shown below.


Be sure to submit four  source code files: the rectangle class
(Rectangle.java),  the rectangle driver
program (FirstnameLastnameProgram1.java"), the employee class
(Employee.java) and the employee driver program (FirstnameLastnameProgram2.java).
all four files in a single zip file named


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