Prophet 12 -Black Materia- Vol3

Presets for the Dave Smith instruments Prophet 12 Synthesizer
Bank U3 contains:

1-9 Pads
10-19 Strings
20--25 Brass
26-30 Motion
31-42 Res bass
43-48 Bright Bass
49-50 Res Lead
51-56 Bright Lead
57 harmonics
58 -79 Keys
80 Organs
81-97 Arpeggiator
98 Sync
99 Keys

Useful information:

Types of sounds:
String - Pads-Brass-Keys-Arpeggiator- etc...
Res – generally indicates a harsher, sound with more harmonics and distortion.
Motion – tend to be like evolving, but more dark/distorted
Sequence are evolving textures with a distinct rythmical or rythmical character

All patches have both an A & B layer
they can be alternative versions, or layered:
where B is a pad, or background filler for A
or stereo effects or time based evolution generated by bank B, etc...

Banks were made chronologically, bank4 has extensive use of slider1 and 2

following controllers can allways be used to modulate musically:
Modwheel usually adds spice, depth and varition
CC2 usually more body and the most important modulation
(except when Slider 1 and 2 are used, then these are primary mod sliders)
CC11 more modulation, less significant
CC4 usually has extreme weird mods going, to be used sparsely.

All of these interact, and affect each other as well as the sound & bank A & B
all mod slots are allways in use to create complex sound-sculpturing modulations

I use an expression pedal, so some patches may have a low filter cutoff that will work great with upward filter sweeps from a pedal.

Naturally, some patches are meant to be used with reverb (like bladerunner-style leads, pads etc...)

If the word MW , PB or Shimmer are in the title these are important to the sound (Shimmer < shimer algorythm reverb)
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