BSCOM 234 Week 5 Conflict Management Plan

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 BSCOM 234 Week 5 Conflict Management Plan

Create a plan to manage conflict in professional life that addresses the following:




In professional life, how does conflict occur? What are the common characteristics of workplace conflict?


Summarize conflict management styles. Discuss how each style applies to different conflict scenarios.


Discuss conflict management skills. How do you plan to develop your conflict management skills set?


Discuss how your score for each dimension of the “What’s My Preferred Conflict Handling Style?” assessment reflects your own conflict-handling style.


In professional life, how can you plan for appropriate conflict resolution?Write a plan for identifying, handling, and resolving conflict.


Present your plan in the form of a 10- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with detailed speaker notes.

Submit the assignment to the Assignment FIles tab.



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