226 : Miss Iris & Miss Black Mamba - Hot Smokey Heels

Miss Iris and Miss Black Mamba wants to hear some noise from the white Fiat Punto engine!

Miss Iris is wearing a black dress with pink heels, while Miss Black Mamba is wearing a green dress with white heels.

Miss Iris takes the driver seat while Miss Black Mamba goes at the passenger side.

They also want to go shopping so they hope the car will start straight away!

They get in the car, slide down the windscreens, turn the key and the car doesn't want to start up!

They try again and again but nothing seems to change, no sounds from the engine at all, is the engine dead? Miss Iris pumps the pedal harder and harder, faster and faster, cause she thinks that in this way the car will start straight away! Well, she is wrong.

After a lot of attempts, the car finally starts!

Miss Black Mamba is behind the car and she starts playing with the smoke and the exhaust! She dirties all her heels and her legs with the thick smoke coming out from there...

After all this revving madness, the girls decide to ditch the shopping idea and have more fun with the Punto ... they take off the rear bumper ... and Miss Black Mamba can finally tease the exhaust tail pipe the way she likes with her high heels!

 Who will clean those poor girls heels and legs from all this madness?
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