[ASMR] JOURNEY to ENLIGHTENMENT ~ Guided Meditation to Find your Life Purpose

In this Dauchsy Guided Meditation, you will be able to take a journey to your very own place of enlightenment! This journey of enlightenment can be anywhere that you can imagine either real or only made up in your own mind. Once you are in this place of enlightenment, you will be able to experience your higher self, your spiritual self, your true self. Being in this state, everything becomes clear and you can better make decisions and figure out what you really want out of life. In this guided meditation, while in this higher state of being, you will be guided into figuring out what your true meaning in life is. What your purpose is in life. What is your destiny and what will truly make you happy. ASMR triggers have been added to enhance the experience by creating a very relaxing environment. These triggers include scratching and tapping. I hope you enjoy and I hope you find the meaning you are looking for.
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