HRM 498 Week 2 Preparation Outline For Cumulative Wk 5 Assignment


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2 Preparation Outline For Cumulative Wk 5 AssignmentUsing the
attached instructions prepare an outline for your final team assignment and
Submit As a Team. APA
Formatting Applies. Review the Learning Team Instructions. This is due with the final report. Your facilitator may require
you to submit this as a checkpoint to ensure you complete required parts on
time. Resource: Strategic
HRM Plan Overview Select a
company that interests you. Each team must research one company as a
prospective focus for the final project.Research the
company's HR website for internally and externally disseminated documents,
mission and vision statements, and the company's core competencies. Review each
team's organizational research and core competencies, and choose your company. In addtion to your team outline and on the
same document write
 a 200- to 350-word memo
that summarizes the  choice for a division your team will focus on in
creating a strategic HRM plan. Provide the division's name, core competencies,
and an explanation of the team's choice. 

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