RETURN OF THE GODDESS II ~ 'Enter the Temple' ~ Divine Feminine Empowerment Seminar Series

In this class, we will go deeper into the deepest, darkest mysteries of the feminine in order to unlock our access to this energy in our lives. We will work with 2nd chakra issues of sexuality and deepen communication with our energetic organs of creation. The 'temple' is where the Goddess is alive and well, but this is often only in a secret, repressed place within each of us. This class will be about finding the key to our most amazing life that may be hidden under layers of shame and programming around our sexuality.To 'Enter the Temple' means to completely rewire any damaging beliefs around sexuality and the feminine. We will be working with Goddess archetypes of Aphrodite, Ishtar, and Lilith. With the help of these Goddesses, we will be examining anywhere in our being that false beliefs or past life pain pictures keep us from accessing this juicy energy of creation in our lives.
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