Expert Answers

Expert Answers

1: How can the GLOBE model help leaders and managers from different cultures interact more successfully?

2: Suppose you're assigned to a project team. One of your team members is on time, comes prepared with information and completes the tasks he's assigned. Nevertheless, at several meetings he disagrees with the team leader and sometime pitches ideas that seem conflict with the goals and methods the team has greed to adopt. Yet he's tolerated by the team and even encouraged to contribute ideas that are far "out side the box". Why?

3: after studying Reddin's personal values inventory, Shelia realizes that her value orientation is human oriented. How is this understanding helpful to her in making a career decision?

4: Explain the concept of fundamental attribution error. If you were to encountering a coworker who rarely smiles or returns your greeting when you pass her in the hall, how might this perceptual bias influence you opinion of that person..

5: Suppose you're the manager of the marketing research department, and you want to implement a new data mining system to analyze changing trends in consumer purchasing behavior. Some of the members of your department are strongly in favor of the new system you've described because it seems easier to use, while others are strongly opposed because they're comfortable with the existing system and they're afraid that the Learning curve might interfere with their productivity. How would you apply the model proposed by Kurt Lewin to understand the conflict and implement that change?

6: Explain three examples each of high- risk and low-risk decision.

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