Color changeable Twitch, Youtube or Hitbox overlay template (Simple and Clean)

Does your Twitch, YouTube or Hitbox stream need a lift? This will definitely do the trick! Differentiate yourself from other streamers with this professional, easy to set-up & clean overlay.

This overlay is a very simple and clean looking overlay. There isn't anything to fancy or bold. Its just a simple overlay that looks great! The best thing about this overlay is that the Webcam/Top Bar and Follower/Donation layouts are all seperate so you can do with them as you please!

This Product comes with 

  •  PSD file that is orginzed and easy to understand.

  •  Font Used (In folder)

                                       - A little about myself -
Hey guys, well I've been using Photoshop as a hobby for a little over 2 months now. I finally feel I'm good enough to show the public. I want to provide free graphics for those that can't afford them. With that being said if you're not someone who likes free things or just really enjoy my work feel free to pay whatever you want for this overlay

My links 

Youtube -
Twitter -
Paypal - (For donations if you'd like to donate)

Thank you for checking out my first overlay avaliabe to the public! I really hope you enjoy it and it helps your stream grow!

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