Homeschool Spanish: Body & Health

Teacher-created detailed lesson plans and resources for upper elementary & middle school homeschool Spanish.

"Step-Stone 6: Health & Body" includes:
- 28 pages
- 3 Detailed Lesson Plans spanning 5 class-periods:
Lesson 1: Body Vocabulary
Lesson 2: ¿Cuántos? (How Many?)
Lesson 3: Talking About Health

Lessons include:
- Student Objectives

- Alignment with National Standards

- "El Cuerpo y La Salud" PowerPoint Presentation (Includes Audio Option)

- 1 Vocabulary Handout (El Cuerpo)

- 6 Interactive Student Activities (Simón Dice Game, El Cuerpo Loco Activity, Making Words Plural Practice, ¿Cuántos? Practice, Me Duele Practice, Me Duele Skit)

- 1 Project (Mi Criatura)

- 1 Assessment (Health & Body Quiz)

Step-Stone 6 in "Step-Stone Spanish," written & developed by Trisha K. Jones, Learn Without Limits Learning Services
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