Strange Boutique - The Kindest Worlds - Full Album

The final album by Strange Boutique, The Kindest Worlds came out in 1994. The interplay of acoustic and electric guitar is an oasis in the desert of Top-40 spank-bass bands. Tracks like "The Kindest Worlds" and "Whipoorwill" are indie rock anthems, while "And Then She Was Healed" and "So Serene" have a 70's balladry like Heart or Led Zeppelin. Here especially, the Cure-ish guitar mixing anchors the songs in the 80's. "In Hysteria" reminds me of Mission UK (not a bad thing). Their cover of The Cure's "A Strange Day" is darn good, and it doesn't vary greatly from the original. Rand Blackwell's drums are rock-solid, and Monica Richards takes a relaxed approach like Kate Bush and late-80's Robert Plant. - Amazon review
TRACKLISTING (Bonus Tracks*)
  1. The Loved One
  2. The Kindest Worlds
  3. Whipoorwill
  4. And Then She Was Healed
  5. Chant the All
  6. So Serene
  7. In Hysteria
  8. A Strange Day
  9. *Heroes (live 1993)
  10. *Scepter (unreleased)
  11. *Dancing Barefoot (Patty Smith cover - unreleased)
This download also includes their David Bowie cover of "Heroes" Live, as well as 2 other unreleased tracks.
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