Kat's Spiral Perm and Roller Set

A brunette woman in a dress and heels receives a real spiral perm. Later, she gets a roller set. You'll see a shampoo, the perm solution applied, her head bagged for processing, and her sitting in the salon chair while processing. Kat sits in salon chair while the hair stylist, Carmen, over sees the perm solution processing. Soon, Kat is the rinsed out and neutralizer squirted all over the perm rods. Thespiral curl is lovely, but Kat's not done. Next, her hair put in rollers. After the credits, you'll see a short video of Kat in curlers out shopping and a short video of Kat talking about her perm experience and her showing off the permed hair. This video does have handheld shots, during the 2nd part of this video. This video is approx. 190 minutes, 960x540, 2190 MB, and is .wmv format.
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