LDR 531 Week 4 Mentorship Meeting Worksheet


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LDR 531 Week 4 Mentorship Meeting Worksheet

Please complete this sheet with your mentor and submit it to your instructor.

Date of Meeting:

Meeting Duration:

1. Meeting notes – what was discussed during your meeting?

2. What issues have you encountered since the last meeting and how did you address them?

3. Interview your mentor to gather information about his or her organization, department, and job description. You will use this information in your Motivation Plan assignment, due in Week 5. How has he or she seen attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values influence the behavior of people in his or her department?

4. Discuss how your mentor has applied principles of motivation and satisfaction while in a leadership role. How did these applied principles increase morale?

I confirm that this session occurred to my satisfaction (both signatures preferred):

Name (Mentor) and Date:

Name (Mentee) and Date:
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