The Ultimate Package

Go hard or go home! This is the ultimate collection of all the eBooks available. Two great weight loss plans, a nutrition and exercise diary, two recipe books and a goal setting workbook. Everything you need to hit your goals and improve your health!


Rock Bottom provides information about weight loss, weight loss success stories and a set plan to help you lose weight quickly.  Released in early Feb 2014, Rock Bottom hit the ground running, selling 1000’s of copies. Of those who registered their weekly weight loss, the group lost just over 4500kg! That’s a lot of weight shifted! We have helped many transform their lives, becoming healthy, happy & confident individuals.

The SET core plan is based on fresh foods, fruit and vegetables, involves minimal preparation, which leaves you more time for the important things, like….. living!!  With 3 different ways to use the core plan, it is incredibly flexible and family friendly.  Buyers of the eBook also can ask to join to our private support group. We feel this is an essential part of successful weight loss.

There is no registering. Not waiting for rounds. No ongoing costs. 


Rock Solid is the follow on eBook, designed as the next step you take after following the hugely successful 4-week plan, Rock Bottom. We have increased the calories per day, following along the lines of a set plan, but slightly different.

We understand that many want to take a day off to enjoy the finer things in life, so we have added cheat meal recipes, allowing you to indulge for breakfast, lunch and dinner on that special cheat day! We have also teamed up with Jared King, from Drive Fitness in Brisbane, to create a basic training plan, to help get you off the couch and become active!

Life is far too short to spend it laying around. It’s time to whack on the shoes and start pounding the pavement.

There is no registering. Not waiting for rounds. No ongoing costs. 


The 12 week exercise & food diary is perfect for those who are wanting to record their weight loss & track their progress. It has plenty of room to write down your food intake, exercise plans, a section for notes on your day, a place to record your mood for that day, a section for your before & after pics, room to record your favourite recipes & a before & after weight loss success story. Your one-stop-shop!


Rock Your Food is a recipe book filled with healthy, delicious recipes that can be used while following the Rock Bottom plan OR by anyone wanting to cook tasty meals for their family.  Rock Your Food has the following sections – Breakfast, Vegetable, Chicken, Seafood, Salad, Snacks and Condiment & Spice Mixes.  Each recipe has calories, MACROS and codes such as Gluten Free, High Protein, Vegetarian, Vegan and Air Fryer Friendly to help you select the right recipe for your needs, as well as a helpful tips section.


In 2016, it’s time to Rock Your Goals!  Successful goal setting, just like weight loss and fitness, is something that many of us need assistance with so that we get it right.  To help you, we now have a goal setting eBook ready for you to use, which will guide you through the process of goal setting.  “Rock Your Goals” will help you close off 2015 and set up 2016 to help  you become the best version of yourself.

Set up like a workbook, which you can use over and over again, “Rock Your Goals” will help show you how to set goals properly and follow them successfully to give you the best chance of rocking the next 12 months!


Chew to Lose is a fabulous ebook that has over 12 breakfast recipes that are calorie controlled! Yes that’s right, all calories counted for you which will take the guessing work out of making breakfast and allow you to enjoy your breakfast without turning ‘hangry’. Oh, and for those who would be thinking IIFYMs, yes it does! A macro count is included. Yummy breakfast recipes that also includes vegetarian options!
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