VIDEO - Blonde hair, black jacket


In hair modeling and long hair modeling, contrasts are very important so that the viewer can see the hair of the model very good.
That´s why Kateryna, which has blonde knee length hair uses a black jacket in this video. The jacket is special, and it fits her and her hair perfectly.
She has already became a big name, not only within RealRapunzels and our fans, but also within the general long hair community, and she is doing a great job, modeling, showing her long blonde locks to long hair enthusiasts!

She is often being reffered to as "The hair goddess", "The perfect long hair model", "The most beautiful Rapunzel", and other amazing descriptions.
Before, there were many great long hair models, who quit their long hair modeling career, and this is long before our time. 
Veterans within the long hair community which remembers these great long hair models has also compared Kateryna to them and said that they see the old, great models in her, which is really a big compliment.

Not only is her hair knee length, but she is thinking about growing it longer, over time, and of course, trims are needed now and then to keep it healthy.

This video features some great high quality scenes, both where you see some premium hair action, as well as some closeup with a thick, long braid.

She has hair to die for without a doubt and many girls and women are jealous!

This beauty starts by brushing her hair with a tangle teezer, making it softer and easier to slide your fingers through than it is to slide a knife through warm butter.
Throwing her hair back to make some great movements, doing some shaking and swinging is something she is great at, and you will see that in this video!
Hair smelling, braiding, closeup of the braid, undoing of the braid, handheld ponytails, outdoor long hair play and display, hair in face is some of the things you will see in this spectacular video!
Do not miss this one!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.

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