Toyota Truck 6HBC30, 6HBC40, 6HBE30, 6HBE40, 6HBW30, 6TB50 SN 10011-20010 Service Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Workshop Service Manual for Toyota Electric Pallet Truck Type 6HBW.

Original factory manuals for Toyota (BT) Forclift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate, maintenance and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable, contains Searchable Text and Navigation Bookmarks

Covered models:
    6HBC30 sn:10011-20010
    6HBC40 sn:10011-20010
    6HBE30 sn:10011-20010
    6HBE40 sn:10011-20010
    6HBW30 sn:10011-20010
    6TB50 sn:10011-20010

Format: PDF, 313 Pages
Language: English

    Vehicle Specifications 
    Drive Unit 
    Handle Assembly 
    Coast Control 
    Drum Brake 
    Hydraulic System 
     Pressure Relief Valve 
     Flow Control Valve 
     Lowering Solenoid 
     Lift Cylinders 
     Hydraulic Reservoir 
     Breather Cap 
     Hydraulic Pump Motor 
     Hydraulic Pump 
     Check Valve 
     Hydraulic Components 
    Electrical System  
     Drive Motor 
    Lift Limit Switch 
    Advanced Transistor Control (Motor Controller) 
    Model 6HBW30 
    Models 6HBE30 and 6HBE40 
    Models 6HBC30 and 6HBC40  
    Model 6TB50 
Operating Instructions  
    Visual Inspection  
    Checking the Battery 
    Hydrometer Use  
    Adding Water To Battery 
    Voltage Check  
    Connecting the Battery 
    Checking the Hydraulic System 
    Cold Storage Conditioning 
    Classes Of Cold Storage 
    Operational Checks  
    Fork/Lift Linkage  
    Emergency Reverse Switch 
    Coast Control 
    Receiving Inspection Guide .
    Break-In Period 
Theory of Operation 
    Advanced Transistor Control 
    Section Overview 
    System Overview 
    Advanced Transistor Control (AT)  
    Current Limiting  
    Low Voltage Cutback 
    Thermal Protection  
    Runaway Protection 
    Static Return to Neutral Protection  
    Controller Key Switch Input 
    Controller  Thumbwheel Throttle Inputs 
    "Emergency Reverse" Plug Breaking Inhibit  
    Control Module 
    Battery Plugged IN 
    Battery Plugged IN/Key Switch Turned to ON or TURTLE 
    Battery Plugged IN/Key Switch Turned ON/Deadman Switch Closed  
    Directional/Speed Control Forward 
    Diredional/Speed Control-High Speed (FORWARD ONLY) 
    Emergency Reverse Switch 
    Turtle Speed  
    Lift/Lower System 
    Scheduled Maintenance  
    Lubrication and Maintenance 
    Daily or Every 8 Operating HoursWhichever Occurs First 
    Weekly or Every 50 Operating HoursWhichever Occurs First 
    Monthly or Every 200 Operating HoursWhichever Occurs First 
    Every 500 Hours 
    Semiannually or Every 1000 HoursWhichever Occurs First 
    Lubrication and Maintenance Guide 
    Hydraulic System Oil 
    Welding Precautions 
    Power Section  
    Drive Unit  
    Drive Unit Service 
    Drive Housing Lubrication 
    Drive Housing Vent  Plug 
    Drive Housing Steering Bearing  
    Drive Unit Assembly  
    Drive Unit Tooth  Pattern 
    Drive Gear Case Data 
    Gear Checking Procedure 
    Drive Unit Installation 
    Daily Inspection 
    After Every 500 Hours of Operation 
    Brake Adjustment (For all Models) 
    Deadman Switch Adjustment 
    Handle Return Spring Adjustment 
    Drive Wheel 
    Daily Inspection 
    After Every 50 Hours of Operation 
    After Every 200 Hours of Operation 
    Cushion Drive Tire Replacement 
     Load Wheels 
     Wheel Replacement (Model 6HBE30 & 6HBC30) 
     Wheel Replacement (Model 6HBE40 & 6HBC40) 
     Pallet Entry Wheels 
     Daily Inspection 
     After Every 50 Hours of Operation 
     After Every 500 Hours of Operation 
     Wheel Replacement 
     Daily Inspection 
     Fork And Linkage 
     After Every 50 Hours of Operation 
     Fork Height  Adjustment 
     Lowered Fork Height 
     Lift Limit Switch Adjustment 
     500 Hours 
     Hydraulic Reservoir 
    Checking and Adjusting Hydraulic Pump Relief Valv
     Relief Valve Setting 
     Hydraulic Reservoir 
     Inspection Every 8 Hours 
     Lift Cylinders Service 
     Oil Leakage Wiper Seal 
     Inspection Every 200 Hours 
     Cleaning Breather  Cap 
     Inspection Every 1, 000 Hours 
     Specific Gravity 
     Battery  Exterior 
     Battery Charging 
     Battery Storage 
     High Mica 
     Drive Motor General Data 
     Drive Motor Inspection 
     Drive Motor Removal 
     Drive Motor Replacement 
     Lift Motor General Data 
     Traction System Adjustments 
     Potentiometer Adjustments 
     Current Limit Setting 
     Plug Current Adjustment 
     Acceleration Adjustment 
     Deadman Switch Adjustment 
     Tip Inspection 
     Contactor Table 
     Contactor Coil Replacement 
    Replacement Of Contactor Tips, Insulation And/or  Core And Rod Assembly 
     Checking Components 
     Plug Diode Test 
     Throttle Potentiometer Setting 
     Turtle Speed Module (DA2) 
     Emergency Reverse Module (DA1) 
     Test Procedure 
     Testing Other Electrical Components 
     Field Replaceable Units (FRU)  
     Wiring Inspection Procedure  
     Traction System Problems  
     Does Not Run Directional Contactors Do Not Close 
     Does Not Run Directional Contactors Energize 
     Runs In One Direction Only Opposite Direction Contactor Does Not Energize 
     Runs In One Direction Only Directional Contactors Work Normally 
     Does Not Run In High Speed (Forward only)  
     Plugging Does Not Operate Properly 
     Does Not Accelerate Properly 
     Emergency Reverse Module Does Not Activate When Button Is Depressed  
     Emergency Reverse Module Checks OK  No Reverse Travel With S25 Depressed 
     Lift/Lower Problems  
     Forks Do Not Lift When Lift Button Is Pushed  
     Forks Do Not Lower When Lower  Button Is Pushed  
     Lubrication Equivalency Chart  
     Standard Torque Data for Bolts  
     Conversion Table 
     Decimal Equivalency Chart 
     Schematic Legend  
     Electrical Schematic  
     Hydraulic Schematic  
     Electrical Schematic (Cold Storage) 
 Special Supplement 
 Alphabetical Index
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