VIDEO - Lot of hair, lot of fun


With more hair comes more fun. There are so many hairstyles, so many types of videoshoots and photoshoots, and so many things to do, the possibilities and variations are endless!

Now, what can a lady with perfect ultra thick floor length do?
Well, she can win long hair competitions, she can be in one of the best long hair photoshoots in the world, she can become a celebrity due to her hair, she can make buns bigger than her head and braids heavier than cats.
All those things are checkmarked, and Alena has done them all.
She knows a lot about hair, a lot about modeling, and a lot about what people love to see when it comes to long hair modeling, relaxing, advertising etc.

She has risen from being unknown a while ago to being one of the most well known people in the world when it comes to long hair thanks to her amazing efforts and work, the long hair community and us. However, we don´t want to take any credit, as this is mostly by the amazing community and her own work which is amazing.

She loves showing off her long hair, making people drop their jaws, and she loves the fact that people are loving her hair, and that she is insipring other girls and women to grow their hair very long.

This video is a great video where she plays with her hair in many different ways in a turquoise sofa, sliding it slowly over it from side to side, sitting there and covering herself with it, making a huge bun while she is watching photos from her photoshoot she had with us, as well as running her fingers through it, smelling it, sitting on the floor so that she is "hiding in her hair" and even letting her dog play a little with her hair (gently so that it´s not damaged of course). 
Of course, there is more, which you just have to see for yourself!

This video is over 10 minutes in length.

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