Shredweiser presents The John Bolino VOD

Shredweiser presents The John Bolino VOD

15 Minutes running time
Including an exclusive trailer of the 
Shredweiser Video in progress- FROM BEYOND
which will be dilgently working on until this Winter

Filmed and Edited 
by Chris Dafick 

Shot in Mexico and
throughout Southern California

Austin Barrett

Marc Moreno

Shredweiser is more than stoked to release a full length John Bolino VOD for your viewing pleasure. We had a blast making this one and will contine too on future project and adventures alike.  By purchasing this video you directly support the likes of John Bolino who receives a 65% cut of the proceeds while the other 35% will go to present and future tour budgets and to the Filmer/Editor.

Please read the instructions upon downloading the video. 

Thank you for your support. YOU are the reason that we are still doing this, you the viewers and supporters keep us alive and we can not thank you enough, except keep producing enjoyable skate videos for you and your friends. If you are trying to stream this video on your phone or tablet it will not work. Download it to you computer or tablet and open it with Quicktime or VLC player. If you have tried everything and are still having issues feel free to contact us directly and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Do not contact Sellfy

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