Obelisk Paper Assignment

Topic Obelisk Paper Assignment
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Learn about Egyptian obelisks on line, specifically the obelisks of Hatshepsut, Queen of Egypt. Study the fragment of one of her obelisk in the Egyptian gallery at the Museum of Fine arts.

Reseach the Harburg Monument against War and Fascism and for peace, 1986, in Hamburg, Germany, on the Internet.

Write a short paper(4-5 double-spaced pages),comparing Hatshepsut’s obelisk(s) with the Harburg Monment in Germany within the cultural context of each artifact. Include the fragment of Hatshepsut’s obelisk at the MFA in your discussion. Consider the materials, construction, designers, workers, location. When was each of these monuments created? By whom? Why, for what purpose?

How did people interact with each of these monuments in their day and how do we do so today?

How do you interpret these two monuments?

Be specific with details. Refrain from repeating general comments.
Illustrate your paper. Include footnotes and a bibliography for all the sources you used in your research.

Paper will be graded on quality of writing, depth of research and thoughtful interpretation
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