Elizabeth's Long Hair to Inverted Bob to Pixie Haircut - VOD Digital Video Download

Elizabeth is a musician who wants a short slick style. She's excited about this upcoming haircut and has been pouring over short hair photos to find the perfect sexy style. Dressed in a black leather mini-dress, black gloves, black pleather boots, and evening-wear makeup, Elizabeth is dressed to kill, and hoping for a hairstyle to match. There's a little interview and hair playing session in the beginning, where we learn about Elizabeth's hair management and decision of why she's getting her hair cut. Then we find Elizabeth taking a seat in the vintage barber chair, where she has a neck strip wrapped around her neck and a red nylon cape draped over her. Her hair is sprayed before sectioning and cutting with a scissors. You'll see lots of hair falling to the floor in this picture-in-picture video. Once the first bob haircut is done, the cape comes off and Elizabeth poses in her new haircut. But wait, the haircut is not short enough yet! A new neck strip is tied on, and the cape goes back on for the pixie haircut. The Osters clippers with an attached guard, snap to life and remove the bulk of the hair at the back and sides. The remaining hair on the top is brought down, combed out, and cut with a scissors. A mini portable clippers is used around the ears and the nape for the more detailed work. "I'm a fox!" I don't think that I need to tell you how much Elizabeth LOVES her new hairstyle. I'm sure that you'll find this evident in the fact that she couldn't stop running her hands through it! "Why didn't I have this done sooner?" Duration approx. 55 minutes, screen size: 720x480, format .wmv
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