Ultimate New Orleans Bounce Samples

The sound that captures the hip hop spirit in New Orleans; bounce music has taken over. With influences from the "Triggerman" to the "Brown Beat," New Orleans bounce music quickly took over the South in the 1990s and then spread across the country thereafter, with artists such as Master P and labels like Cash Money helping to popularize the booty-shaking 200+ BPM ultra fast (and still funky) grooves of Bounce. 

This sample contains loops to construct your own bounce tracks, with basslines, percussion lines, and complete beats to alter or use intact, however you decide. There are also one-shot percussive hits, so you can create your own beats from scratch, ranging from 606s - 707s - to 808s ! The style of N.O. bounce developed in the early 90s and it's infectious and danceable as it is diverse, with often extremely sexual lyrics to basic breaks that sound that they're at about half-tempo (100ish BPM instead of 200ish BPM) and there's also sissy bounce, which is an extremely popular style within the realm of bounce musical culture. 

So get ready to get the dancefloor twerking to your new bounce jams with these authentic samples, made with drum machines that were used to create some of the original Southern hip hop / bounce tracks - as well as drum sounds that are more modern as well. The loops are all around 19 seconds long, and many of them build up at the end before looping (for when you really want to get people going crazy in the club).  You might want to get some new sub woofers for this, so you can really make the walls shake as you play these samples out. Playing these with laptop speakers will only give you half of an idea about how these sounds really play, as this package contains some HEAVY BASS !!!

--  14 Bounce Basslines @ 200bpm (19 seconds long each) (some can be used at half-tempo, rendering them 100bpm to give more options to the producer
--  22 Full Bounce Beats @ 200bpm (19 second long each) (again, many can be used at half-tempo: 100bpm)
--  12 Bounce Percussion Loops (without bass) (19 seconds long each) (also, some usable at half-tempo: 100bpm)
--  14 One-shot drum samples, ranging from 606s, 707s, and 808s (including Kicks, Hats, Snare and Clap and Crash samples) 

And of course, my personal favorite sound in the world, the 808 electric cow-drum, is included. How could I leave that out? ... OH - and BTW, this is THE ONLY package out there of it's kind, which is what we're all about at Bassadelic.com. All these samples are completely legal to use in your recordings.
These samples are all royalty-free. You can use these samples however you want - in both commercial as well as personal applications; however, you can NOT resell these samples. 
THANKS! And Happy mixin' ! 
Questions? Hit us up @ the website, or @ bassadelic.com@gmail.com
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