Box Eating Healthy - Quality Life Through Quality Bites in Video, Audio, Ebook.

Box Eating Healthy - Quality Life Through Quality Bites in Audio, and Ebook.

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"A healthy diet is important for a well-functioning body. However, it isn't as restrictive or as confusing as people imagine. Food is the source of energy that we consume to provide nutritional support and has a direct impact on our cognitive performance in every stage of life.

Your food choices each day affect your overall health and well-being. It has a significant impact on your mood and mental health. Hence, the type and amount of food you consume has a major impact on your body.

However, eating a healthy, balanced diet doesn't mean surviving solely on carrot juice, rabbit food, and bird seed. All you have to do is really simple. Eat from a wide variety of food groups in the right quantities to maintain the energy and nutrients a healthy adult needs."(The Chapter 1 - Make Eating Healthy A Lifestyle, Not A Duty)

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Make Eating Healthy A Lifestyle, Not A Duty  4

The 3 Key Elements  4

Health Is Wealth  8

The Importance Of A Positive Mindset  12

Chapter 2: Benefits Of Eating Healthy  15

The Benefits  17

Chapter 3: Alkaline Food Vs Acidic Food  26

Ph Value  26

Consequences Of Extended Acidosis  29

Practicing Alkaline Diet  31

Alkaline Food  31

Acidic Food 36

Chapter 4: Food Pyramid  42

What Is Food Pyramid?  42

The Healthy Eating Guidelines  46

Stages Of Change  53

Chapter 5: Food Cholesterol 58

Where Does Cholesterol Come From?  58

Types Of Cholesterol  59

Top 5 Tactics To Improve Your Cholesterol Level  62

Treatment For High Cholesterol 69

Chapter 6: Types Of Recommended Food  71

The Best Food Choices  71

Chapter 7: Cooking Up Simple Healthy Meals  82

Meal Planning  82

The Recipes  83

Chapter 8: General Guideline For Overall Well-Being  94

4-Step Eating Habit Hacks  98

EXTRA:  Eating Healthy - Checklist; Eating Healthy - MindMap

EXTRA BONUS:  6 Secrets To Unlimited Health

This BOX: Files in MP4 (Video), MP3 (Audio), Ebook (PDF).

Instant Download.

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