Write a paper

Write a paper

Write a paper that:

•Contains a thesis statement
•A body in paragraph form
•A conclusion in paragraph form
•Use the Chicago Manual of Style formatting.
•You might also want to look the topic up in your textbook to get a clear picture of the dimensions and importance of the topic.

needed is an assertion about the topic and to find evidence to back the assertion. A thesis statement must be sufficiently clear, specific, and declarative to permit an affirmative or negative answer. The last point needs explanation. If the question is vaguely articulated or too broad in its scope, it will be difficult to formulate and test a hypothesis.


The world of the indigenous Americans fell to the Spanish because, Cortes was ruthless, the Aztecs were susceptible to disease, and the Spanish used superior military strategy.

The assertion is that Indigenous Americans were conquered because, 1: Cortes, 2: susceptible to disease, 3: superior military strategies.

Cut and dried, you make an assertion and then show your proof.

Pocahontas was a traitor to her people (this is the assertion) because she excused colonists' excesses, provided sensitive information about the tribe to the colonists', and guided the colonists' forces through the forests to her tribe's secret hiding place (this is the proof that you will expand on in the body of the paper).

The paper shall be about Political Parties:

How did the ideology of the Whigs differ from that of the Jacksonian Democrats?



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