ENV 100 Week 5 Gamescape Summary(1)

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 ENV 100 Week 5 Gamescape Summary(1)

Resource: “Gamescape – Episode 5” Week Five Learning Activity & Gamescape Episode 5 Results PDF

Complete the Episode 5 Gamescape “Building a Positive Environmental Legacy” Week Five Learning Activity.

Retain the Episode 5 Results PDF to submit for this “Gamescape Summary” assignment.

Write responses to the four questions below using your Gamescape Episode 5 Results PDF as a resource.


1)  What are the key principles required for sustainable development?

2)  Describe how you would balance economics and environment in a sustainable manner.

3)  How do you factor in public opinion to a sustainable development plan?

4)  What would be an example of sustainable development in relation to the community in which you actually live?


Click the Assignment Files tab to submit this assignment AND your Gamescape Results PDF
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