Haitian: Reincarnation Tour

Haitian Magazine's second full feature film.

Dominic Bruce, Matthias St. John, Jona Seufferheld, Seba Seufferheld, Martim Braz-Teixeira, and Brian Bina embark on a two and a half month experiment, scouring European streets in search of free love and enlightenment. Run time of 51 minutes that encapsulates an attempt to express our experiences thru the lenses of 3 time capturing cameras; A trip that changed our lives...

Featuring London, Berlin, Copenhagen, Roskilde Festival, Amsterdam, Paris, and Lyon.

Filmed and edited by Brian Bina and Seba Seufferheld.

Profit split: 25% filming and editing, 25% for traveling budget and expenses and 50% split up between profiles.

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