$59 Enviro Solutions Association ESA 1 Year Individual Membership

$59 Enviro Solutions Association ESA 1 Year Individual Membership

Looking for an association that is actively looking for jobs for YOU? Are you running into problems at your jobs and no one to turn to for help? How about your marketing efforts, need help?

 These are just a few items that ESA helps you with in a full membership. With a Full membership your benefits include:

Job Referrals

We have been issuing 15-20 confirmed jobs a week to our full members nationally.

Within the full membership section there is 5 National companies who are waiting for you to apply with them so they can start sending you work. We are actively seeking more companies to add for you.

FREE Courses (EBooks and PowerPoint Shows)

  • Antimicrobial Application Course ($125 Value)

  • Methamphetamine Inspection Course ($195 Value)

  • Luminometer Sampling Course ($125)

  • Septic and Water Inspection and Sampling Course ($75)

Additional Free Downloadable Forms

  • 16 page Microbial Field Assessment Forms.

  • 17 page Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Forms.

  • Radon Testing Indicators (Radon testing in Progress).

Free Report Templates

We have various mold, radon, and Phase I inspection and sampling report templates that are industry used.

Member Discounts

Extra courses that we offer including live classes, E-Books (call for details), and homestudies.
Client Inspection Agreements including; mold, VOC, bacteria, allergen, radon, PRV, intrusive, plus more!!!

Onsite Support

Our advisors will help you with questions or problems you may have while on the job.

If your client does not understand what you are going to do, it would be our pleasure to speak with them to help understand what is going to be done.

It is our duty to help you our professional member, get answers on your report if you do not understand it.


Lab Coupons and Discounts

Found in your member packet, our approved labs want your business and offer

Free sampling media, Free lab analysis, Free return shipping labels for samples, and discounts on products that total over $1000.

By using our approved labs you will receive ongoing discounts, Free return shipping of samples and report interpretation

Referral Map

You will be listed on our National Referral Map used by Building Managers, Engineering Firms, Insurance Companies, Homeowners and State and Federal Agencies to find the "right" inspector.


Only ESA members can receive the appropriate recognized certifications to be used on your advertising materials.

You will also receive photo I.D. badges (up to 3) with the company information and designations.

·  Free professional help on the ESA hotline

·  Free and instant phone notification of potential jobs

·  Free listing on ESA’s find an inspector map

·  Free ESA logos

·  Free Environmental Glossary

·  Discounts on Equipment

·  Discount on testing supplies

·  Free lab coupons

·  Free brochure writing and designing tips

·  Free copy of inspection standards

·  Free certification seals for use on stationery, business cards, etc.

·  Discounts to ESA’s approved laboratories

·  Discount to ESA exclusive pollutions insurance policy

·  Discounts on Mold Inspection Client Agreements (2 sided carbonless or one time download)

·  Discount on radon insurance

·  Free member certifications

·  Free ESA photo I.D. card

·  Free mold glossary

·  Free downloadable environmental marketing course

·  Access to online exams

·  Free support on writing mold specifications

·  Free home study courses

·  Discounts on live hands on training courses

·  Free interpretation of lab results

·  Free support from board of advisors who have over 40 years combined experience

·  Free samples of testing supplies

·  Free Phase I inspection template

·  Free air sampling video

·  Free downloadable realtor power point presentation

·  Free professional help while on inspections

·  Discounts on BioShield 75

·  Discounts on Mold and Mildew Cleaner

·  Discounts on IAQ equipment

·  Discounts on mold testing equipment

·  Discounts on mold remediation equipment

·  Discounts on radon mitigation equipment

·  Discounts on mold software

·  Discounts on Indoor Air Quality software

·  Free online prep exams

·  Free listing of your company information on http://envirosolutionsesa.com/

·  Free online courses

·  Discounts on Mold Post Remediation Verification (PRV) Client Agreements (2 sided carbonless or one time download)

·  Free QA/QC radon programs
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