civil war of the southern and northern states

A little less than three years before Abraham Lincoln becomes president of the United States he spoke, “A house divided against itself cannot stand,” in reference to the sectional debate between the North and the South. Issues such as slavery, industrialization, tariffs, and culture sharply divided the country. In this essay consider the events and factors that brought the Northern and Southern states to the brink of civil war. You need to argue both sides of the debate. Please complete 1-6 1. You will be writing about sectionalism from both the Northern and Southern perspective. 2. With your introduction, define sectionalism and identify some of the key differences between the two regions. 3. How did events like the Missouri Compromise, the Nullification Crisis, the Compromise of 1850, the Dread Scott case, the Kansas-Nebraska Act, and the Mexican American War illustrate the sectionalist debate? 4. Discuss the larger economic, population, cultural, and political factors that emphasized sectionalism. 5. You are considering the relationship between the Northern and Southern states before the Civil War, keep your arguments focused on the sectionalist debate and avoid any discussion of the actual war.
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