The Deliverer

The Deliverer – Graphic Novel by NeMo Balkanski

The Deliverer is a satirical post-apocalyptic action graphic novel. It takes place in Vancouver, BC, in the remnants of a narcissistic society, where survivors are force-fed on tabloid journalism and in perpetual entertainment overload.

This original story introduces a regular guy – a pizza deliverer – who will be sent in a quest to rediscover his humanity. Along his uncertain journey, our faceless but all too human hero will have to overcome, many outrageous obstacles placed in his way by the vestiges of this dying society.

The Deliverer is a uniquely Canadian – to be more precise, Vancouverite – graphic novel. It doesn’t try to mimic the well-established North American routine of super heroism and patriotism but instead develops a style and a tone of its own. It is safe to say that it offers a voice that won’t let you indifferent.
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