ATM BUNDLE PACK Humbucker & Single coil profile packs for the Kemper profiling Amplifier

This bundles contains my whole collection : both the Single coil and the Humbucker packs.

please refer to the respective profile description in their own product page.



Content of the pack : 8 direct profiles & 18 merged profiles (JTM cab) + bonus :

clean.blues : a rig tailored for vintage blues style with lots of character, with a great gain course and a few pedals for different colors & FXes. This one fits both bridge and neck pickup well as well as splits. Also worth a try on single coils.

clean.jazz : warm , dimed on the trebles, sensitive to finger play and dynamic, best used on neck pickup, but allows some nice rhythm & strum on bridge PU. Splits will also fit well.

clean.main : an all around clean rig that fits most styles, including strumming. Comp and EQ will add more clarity for mix or live situation. It's really worth trying to play with the gain knob for different dynamics, crunches and tones.

clean.full : same kind, a little richer and ready for mix with the EQ being constantly ON. Great sensitivity to finger play and vol pot. A stereo widener is available.

clean.funk : this is a typical humbucker vintage funk tone (à la James Brown), very tasty on mid and bridge position. there are 2 different phasers and a specific chorus & wah.

clean.dry : very dry , and simple tone, it's made for recording while stacking up with other clean tones. Lots of FX choices & strum friendly.

crunch.zep : fits early Led Zep pretty close ,great for blues and crunchy rhythm guitar parts, there is a good gain course, try it for yourself. There is a good 12 string emulation on stomp A, and to distortion types.

crunch.dirty : crunch with great character, , good gain course, mostly used on bridge PU. some real single coil flavor & twang for your humbucker guitars

drive.70's : that typical 70's growl you hear on classic rock album ( Thin Lizzy, Aerosmith, Grand Funk...) the gain course is perfect on this one, you'll achieve superb cleans & crunches as well with a rolled off vol pot on your guitar.I love this rig . Uping the gain will lead to modern tones. V2 :the 1st dist stomp is a great big muff classic preset, and the 2nd one is even dirtier, with some single coil flavors

drive.heavy : be sure to have the boost engaged on this rig , it's really part of the tone. That's the heavy tone most humbucker guitars will love when it comes to hi gain rhythm. It's best used on bridge pick up with vol pot adjustments instead of gain tweaking.

heavy.rhythm.brit : a typical Marshall rhythm tone, the AMT handles this tone surprisingly good, lots of basses and punch.

heavy.rhythm.US : similar to heavy boogie straight tones, lots of punch from the AMT and the JTM cab.

lead.US : pretty distorted boogie classic lead with delay, a few options & colors in the FX selection. Djemass friendly EDIT : there is an alternative lead.US.djemass tweaked by the man himself to record the demos.

lead.brit : classic distorted Marshall lead tone , try to adjust the drive by the guitar vol. pot.

lead.dirty : this is the lead that will complement the drive.70's well, similar vibe, but tailored for leads with a hint of dirt.

lead.carlos : to mimic Carlos Santana tone, must be used on neck pickup with finger style attack and vol pot adjustments. Best used on PRS or Yamaha SG.

PACK includes bonus rigs



dry clean : best suited for very clean parts where the guitar cuts the mix - takes FX very well - great for recording, blues

full clean : favorite among beta testers, this one sounds really great and open on it's own, great for live & chording and all sorts of tones - Be sure to play around with your guitar vol pot on this one.

bright clean : specially designed for fast funk chording with treble enhanced. Cuts the mix pretty well

dimed clean : this one is used for blues or jazz, for riffs, leads licks and darker chordal work

jazz : similar to dimed and optimized for jazz guitar with specific tone stack and FX.

crunch1 : lots of personality in this one, fender territory for all kinds of tones : blues, rock'n roll, funk ... Adjust the gain until you get a satisfying crunch

crunch2 : a bit more driven and a bit more tailored for leads, but will still allow strumming

crunch3 : another color in crunch

drive1 : cranked amp rhythm or lead tone, lots of growl and a typical 70's soul. Up the gain to get the needed drive

drive2 : lots of overdrive on this monster, the most modern tone you'll get from the AMT. Do not touch the gain on this one : it's much better to adjust the guitar volume instead. This way you'll lower the drive AND keep the great punch.

Jimi : this one is designed to mimic super-cranked Hendrix's tone, while still having some great clean rhythm with a low volume pot on the guitar. Best used on a neck strat pickup. Included FX are 2 types of distortion pedal (they also work together) and a great rotary sim.

Voxy : typical vox vibe perfect for old time rock'n roll and early Who/Led Zep stuff, also great for blues.

lead1&2 : full, warm, articulate and punchy, very similar to boogie mark series lead tones. If you lower your guitar vol pot you will travel in time : 8/9 90's , 7 80's , 5 70's ...


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