140 : Miss Vicky - The Secretary's Up Hill Battle

Please everybody welcome back Miss Vicky!

After some time spent thinking about how to rev harder and better the poor Panda, now it's time to apply all her thoughts!

Vicky is wearing a white coat, a black skirt and high heels.

So she goes in a field with the little Fiat, and the quiet noise of countryside is destroyed by the powerful melody of the Panda engine screaming for mercy!

She does such an amazing revving, and in the video you can see the Miss revving the panda so hard from different angles, with a close up view of her feet stomping on the pedals!

After that she decides that it's time to see what the Panda is capable of.
So she goes at the bottom of a hill, and she wants to climb that! She  revs the Panda a little more to heat the engine up and to prepare it for the adventure, she puts the first gear and... a great feet action with clutch and pedal gas begins ... have fun !!

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