Project 01 Solution

Using the instructions from Closed Lab 01, create a new folder named Project01. Make sure that in the comments at the top of the java program you put your name and today's date using the format for Java comments given in Closed Lab 01.

For this lab you will write a Java program to prompt the user to enter two integers.  Your program will display a series of arithmetic operations using those two itnegers.  Create a new Java program named for this problem.

Sample Output

This is a sample transcript of what your program should do.  Items in bold are user input and should not be put on the screen by your program.  Make sure your output looks EXACTLY like the output below, including spacing.

Enter the first number: 12
Enter the second number: 3
12 + 3 = 15
12 - 3 = 9
12 * 3 = 36
12 / 3 = 4
12 % 3 = 0
The average of your two numbers is: 7

HINT:  You can start by retyping the code that was given to you in Exercise 3 of ClosedLab01.  That code takes in a single number and performs a few arithmetic operations on it.  How can you modify that code to take in two numbers?  How can you modify it to display "number * number =" instead of "Your number squared is: "?  Take it step by step and change one thing at a time.

Submission Instructions

Make sure your program compiles and runs correctly before submitting.  To submit, follow the submission instructions from Closed Lab 01 to create a single zip file named that contains and then upload that file to the Carmen dropbox for Project01.
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