Komatsu Crawler Dozers D65E-12, D65EX-12, D65P-12, D65PX-12 Operating and Maintenance Manual

Original Illustrated Factory Operating and Maintenance Instructions for Komatsu Crawler Dozers D65. 
Original factory manuals for Komatsu Loaders, Dozers, Excavators contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate, maintenance and repair your truck. All Manuals Printable, contains Searchable Text and Navigation Bookmarks
Covered models:
    D65E-12 60001 and up
    D65EX-12 60001 and up
    D65P-12 60001 and up
    D65PX-12 60001 and up
Format: PDF, 221 Pages
Language: English
        2.Safety information 
        4.Location of plates, table to enter serial Noand distributor 
        6.General precautions 
        7.Precautions during operation 
            7.1.Before starting engine 
            7.2.Operating machine 
        8.Precautions for maintenance 
            8.1 Before carrying out maintenance 
            8.2 During maintenance 
        9.Position for attaching safety labels 
        10.General view 
            10.1.General view of machine 
            10.2.General view of controls and gauges 
        11.Explanation of components 
            11.1.Front panel (meters, lamps, switches) 
            11.3.Control levers and pedals 
            11.4.Fuse box 
            11.5.Grease pump holder 
            11.6.Shovel holder 
            11.7.Door-open lock (machines equipped with cab) 
            11.8.Sash glass intermediate lock (machines equipped with cab) 
            11.9.Cap with lock 
            11.10.Hot and cool box (machines equipped with cab) 
            11.11.Door pocket (machines equipped with cab) 
            11.12.Ashtray (machines equipped with cab) 
            11.13.Tool box 
            11.14.Using car radio (machines equipped with cab) 
            11.15.Using car stereo (machines equipped with cab) 
            11.16.Handling air conditioner (machines equipped with cab) 
            11.17.Handling heater (machines equipped with cab) 
        12.Operation : 
            12.1.Check before starting engine 
            12.2.Starting engine 
            12.3.Operations and checks after starting engine 
            12.4.Moving machine 
            12.5.Shifting gear 
            12.6.Shifting between forward and reverse 
            12.7.Steering machine 
            12.8.Stopping machine 
            12.9.Precautions for operation 
            12.10.Work possible using bulldozer 
            12.11.Adjusting posture of work equipment 
            12.12.Parking machine 
            12.13.Check after finishing work 
            12.14.Stopping engine 
            12.15.Check after stopping engine 
            12.17.Tips for longer undercarriage life 
            13.1.Loading, unloading work 
            13.2.Precautions for loading 
            13.3.Precautions for transportation 
            13.4.Precautions when removing work equipment
            13.5.Removing cab (machines equipped with cab)
        14.Cold weather operation 
            14.1.Precautions for low temperature 
            14.2.After completion of work 
            14.3.After cold weather 
        15.Long-term storage (more than one month) 
            15.1.Before storage 
            15.2.During storage 
            15.3.After storage 
            16.1.After running out of fuel 
            16.2.If battery is discharged 
            16.3.Other trouble 
        17. Guides to maintenance 
        18. Outlines of service 
            18.1. Outline of oil, fuel, coolant 
            18.2. Relating to electric system 
        19. Wear parts list 
        20. Use of fuel, coolant and lubricants according to ambient temperature
        21.Standard tightening torques for bolts and nuts 
            21.1. Introduction of necessary tools 
            21.2. Torque list 
        22. Periodic replacement of safety critical parts
        23. Maintenance schedule chart 
        24. Service procedure 
            24.1. When required 
            24.2. Check before starting 
            24.3. Every 50 hours service 
            24.4. Every 250 hours service
            24.5. Every 500 hours service
            24.6. Every 1000 hours service
            24.7. Every 2000 hours service
            24.8. Every 4000 hours service
        25. Specifications
        26.General precautions 
            26.1. Precautions related to safety
        27. Using seat belt 
            27.1. Fasten the belt and remove it in the following manner 
            27.2. Adjust the belt length in the following manner
        28. Handling deluxe seat 
        29. Handling accumulator 
            29.1. Method of releasing pressure in operating circuit on machine equipped with accumulator 
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