Junior High School report comments

This resource provides 30 sample suggestions to help you complete reports quickly and with less stress. I have included 5 complete sample report comments for fictional students from these comments to illustrate how easy it is to combine points into a coherent and high quality report comment for your students.

Report season can be incredibly difficult, especially for recently graduated teachers. You have a million demands on your time, and no extra time to complete those pesky reports. While I believe it is important to provide meaningful feedback, I believe that many of the comments I've selected for this resource are valuable to students in a range of scenarios. Moreover, these comments are written in a way that encourages adaption, and it is very simple to include mention of specific tasks, etc. in order to make them even more meaningful. They can be adapted and reused for students in a variety of year groups. I have used some of these as the basis for report comments for students in years 7-10.
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