Highland Fire 2, By L.B. Keen

The CONCLUSION to a love that stood the test of time! 

Thirteen years have passed since his life changed irrevocably...

Alec Maitland, once Alec MacIver lives a life bound by duty and honor. After the destruction of the MacIver clan, he has little room for anything else. Focused on growing the Maitland clan and protecting his people. His purpose is altered when an assassination attempt on his King leads him to face the one thing from his past that weakens him...Erika Mungan.

While drawn to her deep gaze, Alec cannot allow himself to weaken towards her when she is the key to finding his king. He also isn't sure he can trust her when she seems little bit too eager to leave his side. To protect her and to find his King, Alec will be forced to contend with not only demons of his past, but the weakening of his resolve to continue leading his people.

Two souls are drawn together; both unable to give in to their desires will find themselves drawn into a battle not only for their hearts but their lives. As an enemy, no one expected comes forward to wrought chaos.
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