(Heritage Funds) Trillion Dollar Journey, Too Good To Be True (documentary)

Film Language: Malay/English,  Duration : 1 hour 10 minutes 
Locations : Malaysia, Philippines.  Featuring Mohamad Zahari Awang, Edilberto Del Carmen aka Angel Ferdinand Marcos, Ricky Nathaniel and others.

About The Film : The subject of Heritage Funds and ancient Gold Assets /Historical treasures  used to back up global historical bonds remain cloaked in secrecy despite voices and claims that they have been or will be redeemed. Hertage Funds players  join forces in claiming they are deriving new money from REDEMPTION of the HISTORICAL BONDS so to be used to finance global humanitarian projects and 'project funding'.  Their ambition may reach as high as claiming themselves as the 'Monetary One' or administrators of the global assets. How far are these claims true?

This video explains the ideals of such effort  of creating an alternative system to replace the current systems of today.  Can they succeed or are they merely propagating the subject for their own business benefit? What are the heritage assets consist of? What triggers such claims on heritage assets and historical bonds? Are heritage funds true ? Can the historical bonds bonds be monetized into today's currencies as claimed by them? 

(This video was exclusively produced by Centric Asia Films Sdn Bhd in collaboration with Tu-E Capital Berhad.) 

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