Shuriken - MT4 Expert Advisor

The Ultimate Price Action EA... built to last.
Shuriken is a powerful new tool to create super-strategies easily without any programming skills whatsoever. This expert advisor allows you to stay optimized with the markets and diversify your risk across multiple charts with an unlimited amount of strategies trading simultaneously.

As the trade signals are based on price action and candlestick patterns, Shuriken draws on the distilled knowledge of centuries worth of chart trading. These patterns are recognized globally and hence posses the power of continuity, as they are traded daily by the professionals that move the markets. The EA generates and trades strategies using candle patterns such as Doji, Spinning Top, Morning/Evening Star, Shooting Star, Hammer, Hanging Man, Harami, Engulfing, Dark Cloud Cover, Piercing Line, and more.

Trade up to 10 strategies at once in each instance of Shuriken. Any number of instances of the EA can be trading on different charts and timeframes to create a virtual trading floor of automated strategies working for you around the clock. This is the key to harnessing the markets on autopilot. Shuriken not only generates strategies, optimizes them and trades them on autopilot but also monitors the trading activity of each strategy individually, displaying their performance on the chart for easy reference.

Shuriken EA is a Strategy Generator, Optimizer, Trading Robot and Trade Monitor in one. It offers a completely new and efficient way to develop profitable super-strategies and monitor the trading results live. Shuriken scans for the most profitable candlestick patterns using sophisticated algorithms to identify trend and price action triggers.

ECN/STP compatible
2 Risk Management systems
Inbuilt Strategy Generator
Market sessions
Alerts, Emails & Screenshots
All Charts/Timeframes

Required :
Metatrader 4 platform
PC Only
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