GEO 180 Week 1 Course Preparation Activity

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GEO 180 Week 1 Course Preparation Activity
Complete this assignment prior to posting towards course participation. Please read the course messages and instructor announcements regarding the  Course Preparation Activity.

 For this assignment, your task is to read each of the instructor and class announcements, including the instructor policies, for the start of this course.

 Once you have read each of the class messages and announcements and instructor policies, please type a brief paragraph as a Word document acknowledging that you have read the class messages and announcements and instrucor policies for this course.

 Additionally, include the title of each message and announcement read.

 Then submit your Word document as an attachment for the assignment and submit. By doing so, I will know that you are aware of the course requirements.

 When submitting the Course Preparation Activity, click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. When submitting the assignment as the saved file include your first initial, last name and the name of the assignment. For example, A. Smith GEO 180 Course Preparation Activity.
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