March 23 - 29 Meal Plan & Week of Workouts (5)

A one time download - weekly meal plan & 5 days worth of the dollar a day training program workouts. These items are updated each week & posted on Saturday to allow for time to grocery shop, cook, and plan when workouts fit into your schedule!

About this week's meal plan: Meals are tasty and easy - no major food prep & very few ingredients. This meal plan is NOT a restrictive calorie/low carb diet; it's 5 healthy meals designed to promote a healthy metabolism to allow you to build a fit body and shed some fat! My favorite meals 1) Ground turkey tacos 2) Italian Style Pork Chops 3) Steak & Tortilla Soup - healthy yet tasty!

About this week's workouts:5 workouts consisting of weight training (legs, glutes, calves, back, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs) & HIIT cardio designed to build a fit body while decreasing body fat. Workouts that are result driven and motivating at ~45min per workout. A new workout schedule will help accelerate results! My favorite workout this week: bodyweight cardio & abs.
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