Karen's Emotional Bob Haircut and Hightlights

In her 'before the haircut' interview, Karen tells us how nervous she is, and that she will probably cry during her haircut, as she has done with previous haircuts. Once Karen has taken a seat in the 1920's barber chair, Karen is very adamant about how she wants her hair cut. She does not want it cut too short. The stylist, James William, covers her with a sheer white plastic cape, clips up her hair, and wraps her neck with a neck strip. The stylist uses a scissors to snip off the dry hair to about shoulder-length. Karen's reaction in the mirror to the loud snip snip sound of the scissors shows that she wasn't liking it very much. Once the first cut is made, the stylist mixes the color for the highlights. Using the metal tip of the special comb, the stylist selects the hair to be highlighted, brushes on the rich cream, and then folds it in foil. After 19 minutes of processing, the foils are removed, the chair reclined, and her hair shampooed and then toweled dry. Her hair is combed out with a wide-tooth comb and then a finer one, preparing it for the final haircutting with a razor and a scissors. During the haircutting, Karen exclaims that her hair is now "short, really short" and begins to tear up. The stylist tries to reassure her that he's just putting in layers, but she still is very concerned. Luckily there is a box of tissues handy for this occasion. It probably doesn't help matters that the scissors' snipping is so loud. Once the bob haircut is done, the stylist blow dries Karen's hair. Karen looks at her new hairdo and smiles. She really likes her new look. Update: The stylist received an email the next day from Karen stating how everyone loved her new look and stated that she received many compliments. screen size: 720x480
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