PAD525 Week7 Assignment3 -

Korb v. Raytheon Case Analysis

In Korb v. Raytheon, the defendant ‘Raytheon’ was a large equipment manufacturing company for the U.S. military. The Plaintiff ‘Lawrence Korb’ was employed by Raytheon as a Vice-President at corporate headquarters based in Washington, D.C. According to, in December 1985, Korb joined a non-profit organization called the Committee for National Security (CNS) in the capacity of an executive board member. Prior to this he was employed as an assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower with the Department of Defense.   In 1986 a press conference held by CNC to release the organization’s annual alternative defense budget, Korb expressed sentiments that criticized defense spending and requested a reduction of the Navy’s 600 ship Fifteen Carrier Group. Subsequently, a newspaper released an article covering the event. In the article, the newspaper identified Korb as a former assistant secretary of defense, now a private citizen working for arms maker, Raytheon Co. The news article went on to details Korb criticisms of the current size and structure Navy’s fleet.  As a result of the speech and news article, Raytheon received numerous complaints from military officers and proceeded to fire Korb for expressing false opinions of the company. Raytheon then offered Korb an assignment of lesser importance. Korb considered this new assignment as a demotion and an unconstitutional attempt to silence him. Consequently, Korb declined the position and brought suit against Raytheon for wrongful termination.
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