Discord VIP rank

This product is non-refundable.
After purchasing you'll get %20 discount off as well as a special rank in discord!
You will receive a text document that has my social media and some more information!

You will receive your product within 1 day(s)

If you don't receive it just contact me on one of my social media found in the text document. (You will receive it after purchasing)

Perks - 

  • You get a seperate rank from people in our discord!

  • You can change nickname

  • This rank is lifetime

  • You get your own coupon code (If you give out your rank will be removed)

  • You'll get 20% off of all the products found

  • When you purchase this rank you get a free banner, a free profile picture!

Thank you!
If you want any further info contact me!
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