Subs & Sauce: Survival Mode - PREMIUM EDITON

Subs & Sauce: Premium Editon - Gamejolt premium key
-Premium will give you a special thanks on the game
 Updates a week before everyone
 Android version for FREE

Subs & Sauce: Survival Mode is an Israeli Horde mode 2D Action-Shoot 'em up type game by MatnGames.

The Game focuses on killin' and smashing enemys in brutal-fun way with skills, upgrades and ultimates.

- Unique art-style and graphics.

- Awesome metal music by DJGuitarRoy for the ultimate killin' exprience.

- An awesome progression system.

- Skills, upgrades, and ultimates to buy with your skill points.

- Killstreak system- with sound!

- Challenges to keep you busy killin'

- Endless waves of enemys!

- 4 Types of Enemys and 1 Special boss fight.

- 1 Level -NotATaco Village (More to come.)
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