PSY 220 Entire Course

PSY 220 Entire Course Link
PSY 220 Week 1 Basic Concepts in
Positive Psychology


Post a 200- to 300-word
response about the following:

  • What do
    researchers mean by ‘subjective well-being’? How is this construct

  • On p. 18 of
    your textbook, the authors present the hypothetical possibility of being
    hooked up to an ‘experience machine’ that would guarantee a constant state
    of happiness and positive emotion. Would you choose to be hooked up to
    such a machine? Why or why not? In your response, differentiate between
    hedonic and eudaimonic concepts of happiness.



PSY 220 Week 2 Relationship


Choose one
close relationship in your life; it does not have to be a romantic love

Post a
200- to 300-word response describing the defining characteristics of this close
relationship. Use the information presented in Ch. 11 to formulate your



PSY 220 Week 2 Attachment Style and


Robert Sternberg created his triangular theory of love based on
three dimensions: passion, intimacy, and commitment. The degree to which a
relationship demonstrates these three dimensions determines the type of love
relationship. People begin love relationships with those who care for them as
children. These early relationships can have a great effect on their adult


Write a350-
to 700-word response summarizing the three dimensions of love and how they
interrelate to identify a specific type of love relationship.

Part II

Write a
700- to 1,050-word response explaining how you believe an individual’s
attachment style can affect the types of love relationships he or she has.

Format your
paper consistent with APA guidelines.



PSY 220 Week 3 Goal Selection


Using the information presented in Ch. 7, explain the matching
 Give an
example of a well-matched and a poorly-matched goal that you have pursued in
your own life. Discuss the relationship between goal selection and well-being.

Post a
200- to 300-word response.



PSY 220 Week 4 Human Virtues and
Character Strengths


Examine one
human virtue and the associated character strengths that are important to you,
as listed in Ch. 10 of Positive Psychology.

Select someone
who you know or is a public figure who you feel encompasses at least one of
these virtues.

Discuss why
this virtue is important to you. How does the person you selected encompass
this virtue and the associated character strengths?

Post a
200- to 300-word response.



PSY 220 Week 4 Reflecting on Wisdom


Using the information
presented in Ch. 10 of your text and other scholarly sources, describe the
attributes that are commonly associated with wise people. Identify a person
(past or present) who you believe to be wise. This can be a person you have
known in your life or someone you have never met.

Write a 700- to 900-word paper addressing the following:

  • What
    characteristics of wisdom does this individual possess?

  • What makes
    him or her wise?

  • Which of
    these attributes do you believe you have developed most fully?

  • Which do you
    believe you need to develop more fully in the years to come? Explain.

Format your paper
consistent with APA guidelines.


PSY 220 Week 5 Paradox of Affluence


Using the information presented in Ch. 6, explain what researchers
mean by the paradox
of affluence
. Explain how the research on happiness and wealth
relates to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

Post a
200- to 300-word response.



PSY 220 Week 6 Positive and Negative


Using the information in Ch. 3, 5, and 6, describe some of the
benefits associated with the experience of positive emotions. Do men and women
differ with respect to their experience of negative emotions? How do
researchers explain these differences?

Post a
200- to 300-word response.



PSY 220 Week 6 Pursuit of Happiness


The authors of your textbook describe the American emphasis on the
pursuit of happiness. Write a 700- to 900-word paper explaining the cultural
and historical factors that contribute to this perspective. Contrast the
traditional American perspective on happiness with the traditional Asian perspective
on happiness.

Format your
paper consistent with APA guidelines.



PSY 220 Week 7 Self-Esteem


Define self-esteem,
including contingencies
of self-worth
. When might the pursuit of self-esteem be harmful to individuals? When might threats to
self-esteem be helpful?

Post a
250- to 350-word response.



PSY 220 Week 8 Exploring Optimism


Compare and contrast the concepts of optimism and hopefulness.
Under what circumstances might optimism be harmful? What is defensive pessimism
and under what circumstances might this be beneficial?

Post a
200- to 300-word response



PSY 220 Week 8 Optimism and Health


Find a
peer reviewed article which discusses the effects of optimism on physical and
psychological health. (You may need to find two articles in order to cover both
the physical and the psychological areas).

Write a
700- to 1,050-word paper summarizing the article(s) and stating your opinion on
the validity of the study or studies.

paper consistent with APA guidelines.



PSY 220 Week 9 Well-Being Action Plan


  • Develop an action plan for increasing well-being in your
    life by addressing the following:

    • Identify at least four areas of potential personal
      growth and create strategies for self-improvement in these areas.

    • For each of the four areas you select, describe the
      change you would like to make and the strategy you would use to achieve
      your goal. For example, you may seek greater concordance between your
      professional life and your personal characteristics. Self-concordant
      goals have been shown to increase well-being. To meet this goal, you may
      need to pursue education in a particular area, become a volunteer at a
      particular agency, increase networking efforts with people in your field
      of interest, etc. This is but one example of a strategy for increasing
      well-being. Many others are presented in your textbook

    • Spend some time considering how you can move closer
      to ‘life above zero.’ Be sure that the goals you select (for example,
      increased physical activity) have been shown through research to be
      associated with greater levels of reported well being.

  • Submit a 10-slide power-point that summarizes your action

  • Include detailed speaker notes.

  • Format your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.


PSY 220 Week 9 Capstone Discussion


As a review to close out our course.  In what ways
has the information in this course changed your life? Has it changed your
personal belief system? Has it changed your understanding of your fellow human
beings? How have you implemented the concepts from this course in your life?

  *Please note that there is an assignment this
week asking you to answer this Discussion starter, to recieve those points you
must post your own answer to the above questions in response to this post.

 Responses to this discussion starter will count
toward your weekly participation grade.

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