IT206 Lab 5 Pizza Solution

Lab 5
Goal: The purpose of this lab is to demonstrate an understanding of working with arrays as instance variables.
Problem: You are working at Mama Francesca’s Pizza Store. Your boss has asked you to create a new pizza ordering system to help customers buy pizzas. The store only sells one size of pizza, costing $10.00, but customers have the opportunity to add toppings (one at a time) to their pizza according to the following price chart.
Topping Cost Pepperoni $1.50 Mushrooms $0.75 Sausage $2.50 Green Peppers $1.25
Note: A user cannot add a topping to their pizza more than once. In such a case, the user should be notified of an error.
Create an object oriented solution that allows a customer to purchase between 1 and 3 pizzas, add toppings to each pizza, if desired, and then displays a receipt, including the details for each pizza, a pretax total amount, and a grand total amount including 6% tax.
Hint: When thinking about a validating mutator for adding a topping, think how the mutator might not just return true or false. Rather, it might return an integer that describes one of three possibilities: The topping was added to the pizza, the topping was not added to the pizza because it’s already on it, or the topping was not added to the pizza because it was an invalid topping selected
Note: Remember the good design principles you have already learned in the course. In addition, you must demonstrate use of an array as an instance variable. Do not use ArrayLists and make sure your implementation class uses methods other than just main().
The example run below shows how the program would run. Pay careful attention to the sample run and try to have your program run exactly the same.
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